Is solar water heating a viable alternative to gas or electric heating?

Solar should not be seen as an alternative to these heat sources, but rather a supplement. Solar cannot totally replace the need for these sources, as there are times where there is very little, if any sunlight. However, over the course of a year, a correctly sized solar system can provide 65-75% of your household hot water needs. Providing more than this is unadvisable, as too much heat will be generated in the summer.

How long will it take to recoup my investment?

FOREVERSOL Solar Water Heaters are much more affordable than most other Solar Water Heaters available on the market today. For a household of 4, may not be much more than the cost of a new gas or electric heating system. Depending on your location (solar levels) and current hot water use, the annual gas or electric savings will vary. However, in a normal household that spends 25% of its annual electric bill on water heating, the full cost of the purchase may be recouped as quickly as 3-4 years. There is no doubt that you will save plenty of money over the lifetime of your FOREVERSOL Solar Water Heater.

Can the FOREVRSOL Collectors be used in cold weather climates?

Yes. FOREVERSOL Collectors can be used in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, although performance is greatly reduced in such extreme conditions. Good heat output is still achieved in mild, sub-zero conditions.

What happens if one of my Evacuated Tubes is broken?

First, Evacuated Tubes are very tough, and not easily broken. But, if the worst should happen, evacuated tubes can be replaced very easily. They are inexpensive, and available through your local FOREVERSOL Dealer, or directly from New Solar Technologies. While waiting for your replacement tube(s), your FOREVERSOL Evacuated Tube Solar Collector can continue to operate with several broken/missing tubes – however, the system’s efficiency will be reduced during this time.

Will water be heated on a cloudy day?

Yes. Although the output of the collector will be reduced on cloudy days, it is still able to provide a significant amount of heating. The cloudier the day, the more that you backup gas or electric heater will be used to maintain the proper temperature in your hot water. This type of automated system ensures that you never run out of hot water, regardless of your weather conditions.

Can I use a FOREVERSOL Solar Water Heater with my current system?

Normally, yes. Simple retrofit valves can often be used to allow solar to connect to your existing cold water inlet. If your tank cannot accept the solar input directly, an additional storage tank can be installed to pre-heat the cold water prior to entering the existing tank.

Are solar collectors noticeable on my roof?

If only the collector is mounted on the roof they should be mildly inconspicuous. FOREVERSOL Solar Collectors are designed small and thin, and when flush mounted, look somewhat like a skylight on your roof, not a solar collector.

How do I protect my FOREVERSOL Collector during sub-zero temperatures?

If you live in an area where sub-zero temperatures occur, and you are planning to install a FOREVERSOL Solar Water Heater, then you must implement some sort of freeze protection. The easiest way to do this is use a controller that automatically starts the circulation process when the manifold temperature reaches a certain low level – keeping the manifold and system from freezing. Additionally, it is recommended that you install a closed loop system – where your collector loop contains a water-glycol solution separate from your potable water loop.

Will the FOREVERSOL solar collector be a fire hazard during hot/dry weather?

No. Each component of the FOREVERSOL Solar Collectors are high-temperature rated and non-flammable,so even during periods of strong sunlight with the pumps off (stagnation), the system will not catch alight or even give off sparks. The majority of components are stainless steel, aluminum glass or glass wool. The manifold outlet should be fitted with a temperature relieve valve, which will prevent the manifold temperature from exceeding 99 degrees Celsius.

Can the FOREVERSOL Collectors heat water to a high-enough tempertature?

Yes. In good weather, the FOREVERSOL Collectors can bring water to their boiling point. Generally speaking, however, this is unnecessary, and the system should be designed to deliver a daily temperature rise of 30-35 degrees Celsius. Sizing a domestic solar water heater to bring your cold water up to about 65 degrees Celsius in a single day is not logical because the water is not used for one day – the next day the system will be dumping hot water and heat via the relief valve – this is a tremendous waste of heat and water. Please, be sensible when sizing your solar water heater.

What maintenance is required for FOREVERSOL Solar Collectors?

Under normal conditions and circumstances, no maintenance of the system is required. Due to the unique design of evacuated tube solar collectors, regular rain and windfall should keep them relatively clean and free of debris. If a tube is ever broken, it should be replaced at the earliest convenient time, but the system will continue to operate with this single tube missing (at a lower efficiency, of course).

Can FOREVERSOL Solar Water Heaters be used for large scale hot water production?

Yes. FOREVERSOL Collectors can be connected in series or parallel to provide additional water heating capacity as needed. This is particularly effective for schools, apartments, resorts, hotels, offices, and other larger builders. In reality, there is no limit to the amount of hot water the FOREVERSOL Collectors can produce – simply increase the number of collectors as the hot water demand increases.